Hands & Feet



Hand soak, scrub, and treatment care of the nails, massage and varnish. SCR 500

Simple Varnish Nail file, buff & vanish  SCR 350


Manicure Gel Hand soak, scrub, treatment care of the nails, massage and varnish gel SCR650


French Manicure gel 

Hand soak, scrub, and treatment care of the nails, massage and French varnish gel SCR 750


Simple Varnish Gel  Nail file, buffer & gel varnish SCR500

Simple French Varnish Gel Nail file, buffer & French gel varnish SCR600

Pedicure Foot soak, scrub, treatment care of the nails, massage and varnish SCR 550 

Simple Varnish Nail file, cuticle, buff & varnish SCR 400

Pedicure Gel Foot soak, scrub, treatment care of the nails, massage and gel varnish SCR700

French Pedicure Gel Foot soak, scrub, treatment care of the nails, massage and French varnish SCR800

Simple Varnish Gel Nail file, buff & gel varnish SCR550

Simple French Varnish Gel Nail file, buff & French gel varnish SCR600

Nail Art Design  SCR150



Eyebrow Wax

10 min                                    SCR 250

Lip/chin Wax

10 min                                    SCR 250

Facial Wax

15 min                                    SCR 300

Underarm Wax

15 min                                     SCR250

Full Arm Wax

20 min                                    SCR 450

Half Arm Wax

15 min                                    SCR 300

Full Leg Wax

30 min                                    SCR 450

Half Leg Wax

15 min                                   SCR 350

Bikini Line Wax

15 min                                    SCR 350

Brazilian Wax

45 min                                   SCR 450

Back Wax

45 min                                   SCR 450


Body Treatments

Coconut Scrub

Pure coconut shred to exfoliate the full body. Leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. For all skin type.

60 min   SCR 1000


Cinnamon Salt Body Scrub

A gentle but effective exfoliation, which eliminates dead skin for brighter and soften surface.

45 min   SCR 850


Aloe Vera Wrap

After sun treatment. Helps relieve the burning sensation and cools of the skin.

35 min   SCR 600


Body Massages

Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage with gentle movements that helps to relieve stress and reduce tension. Using aromatic oils to relieve fatigue and relax all the muscular tension.

60 min    SCR 1000



A medium to gentle massage with coconut oil, relieving stress, anxiety and tension, improves circulation and relaxation.

60 min  SCR 1000


Swedish massage

Finding the knots in your muscles, decreasing pain in your body, and increasing blood circulation, lymph and metabolic wastes.

60 min   SCR 1000

Foot Reflexology Massage

A foot massage which is design to work on the reflexology zone of the entire body. Relieving pain and tension

45 min   SCR 800


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This massage is designed to relax and ease tension in the area of the body where muscles problems most often occur. Leads to relaxation and evacuates fatigue.

45 min    SCR800


Indian Head Massage

A relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body’s energies.

45 min    SCR 800


Shiatus Massage

Alternative technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific point on the body to relieve tension and pain.

60min   SCR1000


Pure Bliss Signature Massage

The “Ritual Couple” package offers exotic Coconut Body Scrub and Relaxing Massage. Leaving a glowing complexion of the skin and feeling rejuvenating.

90 min  PER COUPLE   SCR 3000


Bliss Free Style Massage

Massage that can be customized By You and Therapist. Mixing different techniques as per your request.

60 min SCR1000  90 min  SCR1500







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